Denial Cleveland Bell

God is saying, you can't heal the wounds, by saying it is not there. Sometimes we have to call demons, by their name.

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  • Carmen Rodriguez

    Yes, we sure are a bunch of funny people, but we are number one creatures under God’s eyes! And yes, He loves us just where we’re at! It’s a process to healing! For the life we had before there has to be a God! Our praying parents, etc is the reason we are here! Thank you for the “Popular Demands” of our 12 step studies! Denial was an awesome teaching tonight, and I thank God for this wonderful website podcast, for I was allowed to be able to listen without being present! The part you have to sometimes call your demons by name! WOW! Now that’s the truth here! And you are only as sick as your secrets! And sometimes, not even secrets, for people know them anyway! Again, truth in this as well!

    Thanks CR!

    Oct 8, 2011 at 11:18 pm